Underrated Coaching Skill: Recognizing Sensory Preferences⁣

coaching cscs cscs prep strength and conditioning Jun 21, 2022

This can make the difference between someone thinking

“Wow he totally understands my problem” vs. “I just didn’t connect well with him”⁣

Visual learner: ⁣

  • ⁣This is the client who paints you a picture of their problem and their goal. ⁣
  • They want to point to the spot that hurts and show you what their squat looks like.⁣

⁣How to help a visual learner:⁣

  • ⁣Go get the diagram. Point to the muscles. Get your message across quickly. ⁣
  • Give them a vision for where they’ll be in the rehab process in 1 week, 1 month, etc. ⁣
  • Ask them about their backyard renovation project and what it will look like. ⁣

Auditory Learner:⁣

  • ⁣This client wants to explain how their pain feels. ⁣
  • They want to talk to you about what other providers have said to them. ⁣

How to help an auditory learner: ⁣

  • Slow down and keep the diagrams on the wall. ⁣
  • Talk them through it. Say “I hear you”
  • Ask them what they think and feel. ⁣
  • Talk about the book that they’re reading or the conversation they had with their coworker.⁣

It takes time to recognize and respond to sensory preferences, but it can help you make deeper connections and develop trust once you’re on the same wavelength as the other person. 

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