Learn Exactly How to Assess and Improve Movement for your Clients and Athletes.


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Become the coach clients go to when a movement doesn't feel quite right.


In this 10 hour course, you will learn the essential movement assessment techniques that help you identify and properly address movement restrictions.  

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Built in Collaboration with Optimize PTP

We're teaching you the EXACT methods that we use to optimize movement for professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, PGA, and more.

Use this fast track mentorship to learn from years of expert experience.

Movement Assessment

Follow a step-by-step system for assessing and improving movement.


Confidently manage common movement dysfunctions and pain points in your clients.



Earn 1.0 Category C NSCA CEUs upon completion of the course final assessment (unlimited attempts are allowed).

Here's How Movement Assessment 101 Works:

As soon as you sign-up, you will have full lifetime access to the course material.

You can complete the 10 hours of content at your own pace. 

Upon completion of the course final assessment, you will receive your NSCA CEU certificate for 1.0 CEUs. 

Your Step by Step System for Assessing Movement

You may already be familiar with some of the exercises and techniques covered in this course.

But do you have a full system to seamlessly assess your client's movement?

At the end of the course, you'll have a simple, easy to use system for assessing movement at each joint. 

Based on the limitations you find, you'll know exactly what exercises to choose to get your clients the best results. 

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Hey, it's Dr. Matt Casturo

Like you, I'm passionate about MOVEMENT and helping people live their best lives through health and fitness.

After earning my Exercise Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees, I decided that I was going to share everything I know with YOU.

The primary goal of The Movement System is to share the Science of Human Movement with YOU to help you become a better coach. 

We created Movement Assessment 101 to take you behind the scenes.

We want to show you exactly how to assess your athlete's movement and problem solve so that you can get them moving, feeling, and performing at their best. 

Course Overview

Each course module includes a lecture followed by an applied breakout session. 


  • Movement Assessment: The Key to Unlocking Better Movement
  • Essential Anatomy: Relationship Between Structure and Function
  • Biomechanics: The Gateway to Improving Positions, Posture, and Restoring Movement Options
  • Understanding the Difference Between Medical Diagnosis and Movement Diagnosis
  • Capacity Building: Optimizing Tendon Resiliency with Proper Loading Thresholds and Protocols


  • Compression Expansion Model of Hip Biomechanics
  • Objective, Reliable Testing of Hip Movement
  • Neurological Quick Hitter Hip Mobility Soft Tissue Strategies
  • Deep Hip Strengthening Strategies that Help Mobility Last
  • Positional Coaching and Cueing for Optimal Results


  • Debunking Outdated Core Training Strategies
  • Red Flags and Signs Indicating a Need for Referral
  • Postural Presentation Breakdown and Related Biomechanics Considerations
  • Breathing Mechanics and Infrasternal Angle Analysis
  • Applied Spine Pain Science
  • 3 Step Sciatic Nerve Solution


  • Functional Anatomy of the Shoulder
  • Biomechanical Approach to Improving Scapular Movement
  • Shoulder Flexion Arc Kinematics
  • Differentiating Anterior vs. Posterior Capsule Strategies



  • Ankle Mobility Assessment
  • Quick Hitter Dorsiflexion Improvement Strategies
  • Global Torsion Testing for Lower Extremity Function
  • Patellar Tendon Progressive Loading Protocol
  • Achilles Tendon Progressive Loading Protocol



  • The Truth About Pronation
  • Dynamic Single Leg Balance Strategies
  • Correcting Stance Phase Dysfunction
  • Essential Gait Analysis
  • The #1 Go-to Shin Splint Fix


  • Exactly How to Run the Full Movement Assessment Start to Finish with Confidence. 
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What's Included:


1 Full-Body Movement Assessment Template

6 Video Lecture Presentations

5 Video Breakout Sessions

1 Gait Assessment Video

2 Tendon Loading Protocols

Access to Facebook Community to submit questions and client cases



What You'll Learn:

  • A new, innovative approach to understanding human movement and performance
  • How to confidently address common sources of pain
  • How to select corrective exercises that actually create lasting change
  • Tendon loading protocols that get results


You're in the right place. 

Movement Assessment 101 is for coaches like you who want to invest in their knowledge and build the skills to best serve their clients and athletes.

If you're a Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, or Rehab Professional, Movement Assessment 101 will give you the tools to improve client results and grow your business.

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I am confident that you will find this course to be tremendously valuable. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, just send me a message and I will provide a full refund, no questions asked.

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