Why Your Back Hurts Doing Leg Lifts

core stability Jun 06, 2022

Should my back be arching when I'm doing leg lifts!?


 Try this out:












Place a band under the lower back and pull to the side while doing leg lifts, dead bugs, etc. 

If the band pulls out from under the lower back, the core muscles have slacked.

The resulting position with more rib flare and “dumping forward” of the hips often results in “feeling it in the lower back”.

The lumbar spine has a natural lordosis (arch) and therefore pushing the lower back down as hard as possible is not ideal. There is a fine line and balance between excessive arching and a flat lumbar spine.

Draw the belly button down

Utilizing a band here is a great starting point to understand the movement of drawing the belly button down.

Work on doing these exercises without holding the breath! Low-threshold exercises don’t require a high-threshold breathing pattern.

Full breaths in and out while performing the movement allow the diaphragm to do its job of breathing while the deep core muscles do their job of maintaining lumbopelvic position.

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