Why Does My Hip Snap?

core stability dexa and strength hip muscle Jun 08, 2022

Does the front of you hip snap and pop?⁣ What’s going on here?⁣


Mechanically, it is likely that the “pop” or “snap” is coming from the iliopsoas tendon moving over the bony iliopectineal eminence and femoral head.


Why is it doing that?⁣

It depends…It could be a result of bony morphology, lack of soft tissue extensibility, hip flexor weakness and/or hypertonicity, overtraining, or something different. ⁣

Does it matter? ⁣

If it’s painful then yes, if it’s not painful then maybe.⁣

How do I “fix” it?⁣

@divergept walks through a motor control exercise in the 3-month or supported dead bug position below. The focus is on finding the obliques, reaching with the exhale, and gaining control of the breath in that position. ⁣


⁣Give it a try:

During core work or dead bugs, anything similar to that where the hip is moving from flexed to an extended position, a lot of times people might get a pop in the region right in front of the hip which can become painful. The psoas muscle comes down and ties into the iliacus muscle to form the iliopsoas. What happens when you don't have good motor control at the core level from the obliques, is the iliopsoas ends up snapping back and forth over the iliopectineal eminence.

To prevent this from happening, work to get better motor control at core level. We can use what's called a three-month position or supportive dead bug to work on finding obliques and coordinate motor control with the breath.

Breathe in, exhale, and reach, keep your ribs down, and keep tension in obliques to stabilize the psoas.

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