What Muscle Lifts the Arch of the Foot?

anatomy dynamic balance foot muscles for running stability Jun 14, 2022

Pop Quiz!

This is the muscle that actively supports your medial longitudinal arch...

Transitioning from a shoe with a lot of arch support to a minimalist shoe too quickly can result in tendinitis of this muscle.

Ways to work this muscle:

  1. Foot Tenting
  2. Arch Loading

1) Foot tenting, or lifting the arch of your foot while keeping your toes and heel on the ground, works this muscle, as well as foot intrinsic muscles. I like the shoestring as a visual for trying to lift the navicular.

 2) Arch Loading: Use a mini-band to LOAD this muscle by lifting your arch against resistance to strengthen the arch.

So what muscle is it???

...Posterior Tibialis!

This muscle attaches from the posterior tibia, fibula, and interosseous membrane to the navicular tuberosity and medial cuneiform. It functions to support the medial arch and is a strong ankle inverter and weak plantarflexorThere are other structures that support the arch during static and dynamic motions.

Static motion: Passive structures are adequate

o Bones

o Ligaments

Dynamic motion: Active forces are needed to supplement

o Tibialis posterior

o Fibularis longus

o Foot intrinsic

Why should you learn how to lift the arch of your foot?

This is one of the most effective foot exercises you can do to maintain the integrity and strength of your arches and help prevent foot injuries. Strong and flexible arches can reduce pain, improve foot biomechanics, and optimize movement further up the chain on your body.

  • Medial longitudinal arch: runs along the inside of your foot from the heel to the ball of the foot
  • Lateral longitudinal arch: runs along the length of the outside of the foot
  • Transverse arch: runs laterally across the mid-foot

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