What does “Glute Activation” actually do?⁣

muscle activation strength training for running Jun 08, 2022

"Wow, my glutes are so active right now!"

If you’ve ever hiked the ol’ mini band up around the knees for a few side steps, a squat or two, or maybe a clamshell…. There’s a decent chance you felt a little burn in the back pockets and thought, “Wow my glutes are so active right now”.⁣

Well yeah, they are. Glute activation drills are effective at increasing mind-muscle connection to the glutes. Also, with therabands providing 3-10 pounds of resistance, they can be an effective stimulus for muscular endurance.

 But... here’s what they don’t do:

  • They aren’t an effective stimulus for building strength. This simply requires more load most of the time. 
  • They don’t build muscle mass. Even with a long lever, the stimulus isn’t enough for building muscle. ⁣
  • They don’t change motor patterns.⁣

If you had weak clamshell and a hip drop when running, a few weeks of glute activation will get you…. A strong clamshell and a hip drop when running. (@gaithappens)⁣

Motor control at high speed (running) is not significantly changed by slow, low threshold activation exercises in a completely different position…. Duh.⁣

You have to get closer to the position and movement pattern of running WHILE activating the glutes.

Examples: step-ups, single limb stance external rotation, single arm KB carry, lunges, etc




Bottom line

Glute Activation is a piece of a training or rehab plan, but not the end goal. It has to be combined with functional motor control and loaded exercise to be effective.

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