Top 5 Glute Med Activation Tips⁣

hip muscle activation Jun 21, 2022

Here are 5 quick tips for glute med activation

  1. Place the elbow on the ground to roll the hips forward⁣
  2. Internally rotate the leg (point the toes slightly down)⁣
  3. Extend the hip (heel toward the back wall)⁣
  4. Use this position mainly for improving kinesthetic awareness and then progress to different positions⁣
  5. Translate your new Kinesthetic awareness into functional multi-planar movements and activate without looking like a robot⁣



Isolation exercises are great, but by themselves, they don’t translate well to improved running or squat mechanics. ⁣

⁣Integrate activation work into a comprehensive program of mobility, stability, functional movements, locomotion, etc. for best results!

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