Should you Stretch or Strengthen?⁣

mobility stretching for runners Jun 08, 2022

The common thought is: “Stretch what feels tight."⁣

 Here’s the problem, your hip flexors may feel tight because of...

  1. Neuroprotective tension resulting in the “locked long” phenomena (really common with hamstrings too)⁣
  2. Your movement patterns make the hip flexor your path of least resistance and “Overwork”⁣
  3. Your movement patterns don’t involve the hip flexor much “Underwork”⁣
  4. Actually shortened muscle lacking tissue extensibility⁣

You probably need to strengthen more than you need to stretch

Most people who “feel tight” fall into 1-3 and would be better served with full range of motion strengthening rather than stretching. ⁣

That being said, there’s a time and a place for stretching!

 Bottom Line: Go deeper than “stretch what feels tight” and if for example you’ve stretched your tight hamstrings for months, try adding some posterior chain volume.

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