Name a Sport Where You "Push Through Your Heels"

anatomy dynamic balance foot stability Jun 08, 2022

The most overused cue award goes to...... ⁣Push through your heels⁣!

 Your brain responds to repetition. ⁣If you spend all of your time in the gym balancing on your heels, how do you expect to have efficient weight transfer to the forefoot for triple extension?

.... You won’t.

Push through the heels is an OK beginner cue. Teaching hip hinge mechanics is hard enough, so sure start with “weight back” “sit in a chair” all good.⁣

The problem comes when we keep telling the brain “knees out and push through the heels” forever. It becomes the only place the brain knows where to go to create force!⁣

Now all of a sudden you throw in a dynamic movement like a kettlebell swing, and your perfect hip hinge mechanics look like garbage. Your brain can’t figure the movement out. ⁣

Solution: The Foot Tripod! ⁣



 image source 


⁣Similar to the tripod of a camera, there is support through the heel, inside of the foot to the ball of the big toe, and outside of the foot to the ball of the little toe. The tripod plays a role in providing a stable foundation for strength training. After establishing this stability, the body can explore dynamic stability up the chain. If one of these points of the tripod cannot engage with the floor, then structures and joints above may have their function and alignment compromised.


To translate your work in the gym to functional jumping, cutting, landing, sprinting mechanics, etc. learn to produce force through a stable foot tripod.

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