Maximal Stiffness Does NOT Improve Dynamic Balance

dynamic balance stability May 11, 2023

IMAGE: UNSPLASH / Jonathon Borba

Is being stable good?

Being stable isn't black and white; being stable is part of being strong, but you can't be strong if you're always doing max effort, high threshold, stability exercises.

  • 3RM Barbell Back Squat⁣

  •  Front Rack Barbell Reverse Lunge⁣

  •  Single Arm Plank⁣

Here's the thing, the most difficult stability exercises are often not the most effective exercises at building strength, it's the foundational work that goes into building up for movements that require a ton of stability that matters more. 

If you find that your athletes are struggling to progress doing max effort, high threshold movements, consider incorporating some low threshold work into their program.

  • Bodyweight Squat⁣

  •  Walking⁣

  •  Regressed Dead-bug type exercises on the back⁣

If they start to master breathing mechanics and stability again in these less difficult movements, there's a potential for carryover to their max effort work. It's completely fine to program less intense, less difficult movements for athletes once and a while! 

When we exclusively train high threshold movements, our body's go-to for stability is high threshold bracing whether you need it or not. ⁣

⁣If you can’t hold a side plank while breathing, you might respond surprisingly well to some positional breathing drills in your warm-up.⁣

As a movement coach, time a client's sets with 5 controlled deep breaths instead of 30 seconds. This can help your patients/clients adopt a lower threshold bracing strategy.

Side plank while breathing is a progression from side plank holding the breath!⁣

Bottom line when it comes to stability

There is so much more to dynamic balance than maximal stiffness through High Threshold movements.

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