If An Athlete Lacks Hip Extension, the Body Will Find It Somewhere Else

hip extension mobility Jun 17, 2022

“After I run about a mile my lower back feels tight”⁣⁣

⁣⁣Does this sound familiar?⁣⁣

One potential cause is a lack of functional hip extension. ⁣⁣

The body is smart. It will find extension somewhere.⁣

Often the body will extension somewhere else, like the low back or the hamstrings. 

Repetitively extending the lower back may be symptomatic. Adjusting running form or improving hip extension range of motion can take the extension demand off of the lower back.

The hamstring can drive extension. This can be symptomatic at the knee joint.

In my case, after running about a mile my fibular head would become irritated from driving extension through the lateral hamstring. (Seen on a gait analysis via significant medial heel whip).

Humans move universally the same

This principle of human movement is universal. If you can’t extend your hips coming out of the hole squatting, you may try to drive extension at the cervical spine.

Maybe you are competing and that helps you hit a 1RM or maybe it makes your neck feel tight.

When coaching movement, consider where extension is coming from. Cue movement according to what will be optimal based on that individual’s presentation.⁣

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