Don't Blame the Exercise for Your Poor Load Management

Jun 21, 2022

There are no bad exercises!

⁣Wait, what!?

Certainly, there have to be SOME bad exercises...

Crunches? Tuck jumps? Bradford Press? Jefferson Curl? Smith Machine shrugs? ⁣

There is nothing inherently wrong or harmful with any of these exercises!⁣

The problem is only introduced when you load them to exceed your tolerance. ⁣

⁣ Example:⁣

· “Jump squats for cardio are dumb” - False⁣

· ⁣ “Most people don’t have adequate tissue tolerance to use plyometrics as cardiovascular training” - True⁣

Practical Application:

I’ve programmed 4-minute TABATA jump squats before showering at night 4x/week for a busy client before. ⁣

⁣It’s very time-efficient, high intensity, no equipment required, and still low overall volume relative to his INDIVIDUAL capacity. ⁣

P.S. TABATA was researched as a 4-minute workout total! To get the true HIIT training response shown in the research, you need very high intensity!⁣

Big Picture:

Categorizing exercises as good or bad is overly simplistic. Furthermore, creating fear that doing certain exercises will be inherently harmful can be harmful in and of itself!⁣

Support & Courses Available

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