Training for Aerobic vs. Muscular Power

aerobic power muscular power training for power May 28, 2022



Power Training looks very different for Aerobic vs. Strength athletes⁣

  • Strength/ Power Athletes (ex: olympic lifting, football, sprinting, pole vault)⁣ ⁣
    • Tend to emphasize high rate of force development exercises (box jumps, broad jumps, depth jumps, etc.)
    • These exercises emphasize producing force quickly and producing large amounts of force.⁣
    • This provides beneficial neuromuscular adaptations for power athletes but could be detrimental to aerobic athletes because they need SUSTAINED Power.⁣ ⁣
  •  Aerobic Athletes (ex: runners, triathletes, distance swimmers)⁣ ⁣
    • Emphasize capacity to maintain power⁣ ⁣
    • Training with intervals, Fartlek workouts, threshold/pace/ tempo work!⁣
    • Aerobic Power training adaptations come from improving aerobic and anaerobic work capacity to sustain power for longer. ⁣ ⁣



Bottom Line: Not all power training is created equal.

If you are (or are training) an endurance athlete, focus on sustained power over maximal power.




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