3 Key CSCS Concepts - Before & After You Pass the CSCS Exam

Aug 10, 2022
CSCS Concepts, NSCA CSCS Exam

Photo Credit: Gabin Vallet

By: Danielle Abel

Even after you get your CSCS, you'll still need your CSCS textbook, so don't throw that thing away! The top 3 key concepts covered in the book that you will frequently use in your coaching include energy systems, objective testing, and program design. Trust me; you'll want a reference resource, because there's a huge difference in understanding and knowing concepts compared to the time when you actually need to implement them. 

Energy Systems

Different types of training require different amounts of rest. When working with athletes training in the off-season, for example, your work-to-rest ratio may look different than it does in the in-season. Being able to reference the work-to-rest ratios and energy systems information can come in really handy when designing your seasonal program design. 

Objective Testing

You'll want to be able to show that the training you're providing is improving athlete performance because if your training is specific enough, it should produce specific and desirable adaptations. The objective testing portion of the book is a great reference to help you with test selection & administration. 

Program Design & Periodization Principles 

There are so many different ways to design a program. Following your needs analysis, it may be helpful to revisit the key elements of program design, including program purpose, sport specificity, equipment availability, training frequency, athlete training status, sports season, training session organization, exercise selection, training volume, training intensity, progression, etc. Essentially, there are many elements that you will want to include in your program & periodization logic that the book can be a great resource for. 

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