Why do I Need Hip Internal Rotation?

hip internal rotation power Jun 08, 2022

This is actually a good question, because functionally we don’t often squat, lunge, deadlift, etc with more than a few degrees of hip IR.⁣


Here’s what we use Hip IR for:⁣


1) To absorb load when running, jumping, cutting, shuffling, etc.⁣

⁣For example:

When running, our body uses foot pronation, tibial internal rotation, and hip internal rotation to “Soften the landing”⁣.



2) To create a Stretch-Shortening effect in the hip external rotators⁣.

The stored up energy from absorption allows you to produce a good amount of quick energy.

⁣For example:

During a depth jump, the calf stretches through dorsiflexion ROM as we absorb shock and then shortens and creates force through plantar flexion and jumping up.



Putting it all together:

When running, we absorb load through hip internal rotation range of motion and stretch the hip external rotators. Then we push-off through external rotation. ⁣

⁣From a numbers perspective, running straight still only requires maybe 10 degrees of IR. It’s sport movements like cutting, pivoting, turning, etc where the mechanics of the IR become more important.


Having strength at end range in general lets you control the osteokinematics of the joint better.


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