Low vs. High Threshold Core Work⁣

core stability muscle activation strength Jun 08, 2022

Your program probably needs both.


Here’s why:⁣


Low Threshold work is great for:⁣

· Improving Motor Control⁣
· Learning breathing and bracing strategies⁣
· Improved strength/ endurance⁣

High Threshold work is great for:⁣

· ⁣ Strength-speed: Ability to express strength at higher speed⁣
· ⁣ Improving Rate of Force Development⁣
· ⁣ Training Global Movement Patterns⁣



Rehab folks... I thought of this post while my class presented therex ideas for a case study:
A 17 year old 12 weeks post spondylolisthesis.⁣
Suggestions included:
TrA activation, “Agility work”, etc.
These are ok, but maybe we let that TrA work go after week 6 or 8…. ⁣
What this guy really needs is to be able to recruit his anterior core in high threshold situations to avoid another over extension injury. ⁣
Also, let’s focus on cleaning up his global rotation patterns, improving trunk stiffness, and improving his ability to produce force quickly (not move his feet quickly...).

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