Compound vs. Complex Sets⁣

complex sets compound sets May 10, 2022

What is the difference between the two!?


Compound Sets:⁣⁣

Pairing of two or more exercises that target the same muscle groups.
RDL + Hamstring Curl⁣
Shoulder Press + DB Rev Fly
⁣Bench Press + Chest Fly⁣
Compound sets are designed to fatigue one muscle group with the goal of hypertrophy.⁣⁣


Complex Sets:⁣

Combining a resistance exercise with a biomechanically similar plyometric exercise.
Trap Bar Deadlift + Band Assisted Squat Jump⁣⁣
Bench Press + Prone MB Chest Pass⁣⁣
Split Squat + Lunge Jump
Complex Sets are designed to enhance Post Activation Potentiation (PAP). ⁣⁣
PAP: Activating high threshold type 2 motor units with heavy load followed by a fast rate of force development exercise increases neural drive and power output.⁣

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