Bracketing for Power Development

bracket training rate of force development Jun 02, 2022

IMAGE: UNSPLASH / Kelly Sikkema

How to use Bracketing for Power

Bracketing involves training a movement pattern at a slightly higher and slightly lower point on the Force-Velocity curve to improve power. 

When used for improving Vertical Jump:

  • Add about 10% bodyweight with DB jumps
    • DB Jumps: Improve force output
  • Reduce about 10% bodyweight with band assisted jumps
    • Band Assisted Jump: Improve Rate of Force Development

 Why only 10%?

Adaptations are fairly specific to the motor pattern trained.

If loading changes the mechanics of the movement, there will likely be less carryover. 

Can Heavy Loading Improve Speed?

(Ex: sled push, explosive trap bar deadlift)

Yes, these can improve muscle size, max force capacity, improve time to fatigue, stride rate, etc.

A good Strength and Conditioning program will strategically allocate training volume up and down the force/velocity curve in different training phases while avoiding the no man’s land of sand training, speed ladders, and high-volume plyometrics.

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