5 Types of Kettlebell Swings: Which One Are You?

muscle activation Jun 30, 2022

The Squatter

Many people have a strong motor pattern for squatting at different speeds and loads. This often becomes the go-to pattern when starting the KB swing.⁣


The Overextender

Leaning back as the kettlebell swings forward shifts the workload to the spinal extensors. This is less effective at transferring to powerful, functional hip extension. ⁣

The Functional Guru

If a kettlebell swing is good then a swing lunge squat rotation jump is better right?⁣

Push Through The Heels Guy

This often leads to leaning back and being off balance. Not optimal for force production. Let’s try “Push the ground away from you” ⁣

Outside Edge of the Foot Guy

This is more subtle, but we want that big toe down on the ground. ⁣⁣

Fun Fact

A good Kettlebell swing can produce more force into the ground than a max deadlift!⁣⁣ The momentum of the KB loads the hip hinge pattern, but hip extension comes from driving the entire tripod of the foot hard into the ground.⁣

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